How are Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X fairing after release

It has been more than a month since the release of the much-awaited PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. After a long wait for the 2 consoles to be released, they were both released towards the end of the year 2020 in November. Hence, you might have already bought a console the moment it was released, or you decided to wait for some time to know which is preferred before you go ahead to buy the preferred console.

Early sales victory

When it comes to the number of sales within the first 1 month of the release of the new consoles, The Sony PlayStation 5 has sold almost double the quantity of the Microsoft Series X and S. The specific figures stand at 1,817,303 Xbox Series X and S sold while the number for PlayStation 5 stood at 3,368,098. This is after 4 weeks of sales in Japan and the US, and 3 weeks of the sale in Europe.


Why is PlayStation 5 selling more than Xbox Series X

The major reason why the PlayStation is selling more than the Xbox Series X could be traced to a higher acceptance of previous versions of PlayStations over previous versions of Xbox. Hence, it could be said that most people already have a preferred console that they want to buy. They already have older versions of the console and are only looking to upgrade their console. Hence, they are likely to buy the type of game they already had at home. It is just like having a particular model of the car you already love and then you want to buy a new car, you are likely to go for the latest model of the same car you already have than change the car model. When you look at the sales of PS4 and Xbox One, you would see the same result. The PS 4 sold twice the number of Xbox One (the Xbox equivalent of PS 4). Hence, it could be said that those that already had PS 4 at home proceeded to buy PS 5 and those that bought Xbox One proceeded to buy the Xbox Series X. This is not to say there might not be a few customers that might have crossed from both sides either because they want to try out something new and compare or because the competitor of their previous version was able to convince them that their new console is better. Of course, there will also be those that bought both consoles. If you want to buy any of the consoles, you read about el Corte Ingles and other tech companies on to know the right product to buy.

Performance of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X

In terms of performance, the PlayStation 5 is also believed to be outperforming Xbox Series X based on tests. Tests carried out by different games including Devil May Cry 5 and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla are both believe to run better on PlayStation 5 than they did on Xbox Series X. The performance factor might also be the reason why PlayStation has always been preferred to Xbox. People would have noticed from over the years that PlayStation consoles have always been better than their equivalent Xbox console. Hence, they didn’t expect the 2020 release to be any different.

Author: Kang Jangmin